Ask nature.

Everything you need
To nourish your beauty is here.

At Villa Prato we know that the well-being of human beings cannot be separated from the connection with Nature. That is why we chose to work with alkemy: outside, they are a brand of organic, natural, inclusive cosmetics. Inside, they are Elena and Teresa: two friends, two professionals bound by a deep ethical, spiritual and environmental sensitivity.

From the selection of best raw materials found in nature the alkemy line was born: products
organic with deep strength, akin to the nature of the human body, which regenerate and rebalance
skin, organism and emotions. The goal, taking care of the well-being of the skin and nourishing it naturally with a comprehensive beauty program dedicated to those who want to live in harmony and connection with the rhythm of one’s life and the universe.

Ancient wisdom, modern security.

alkemy operates in full harmony with the rhythm of the universe: it selects the best raw materials in nature resulting in cutting-edge products to nourish your skin.

Scientific study and continuous research are always accompanied by a great respect for the places and times of nature, which allow alchemical preparations to make the best of each element and its secrets.

The whole supply chain ischecked and programmed to ensure an unforgettable user experience every time.All creams and treatments are made in Italy and packaged with recycled and recyclable materials.

Scopry Alkemy


The matter of a thousand lives

Villa Prato stands in Monferrato: land of grapes and wine, a land that has a symbiotic bond with the vine. Grapes are a fruit capable of living countless lives, and we, as a family of distillers and grappa makers, know all its virtues inside out. Above all, we know the pomace well: not only the grape skin, but the keeper of a precious treasure.

Grape pomace are inexhaustible reserves of flavonoids and polyphenols: Together with the oil derived from grape seeds, these substances help fight cellular aging, purify the skin and tone peripheral microcirculation. They also provide protein, lipid, vitamin and mineral hydration and nutrition.

At Villa Prato, all the virtues of grapes and their powerful extracts will be at your service to give you a unique experience of harmony with Nature. All you have to do is close your eyes and let yourself be transported to regeneration.