1,000 square metres of niches, vaults and tunnels wind their way under the ground. What they were originally, when the Villa was in its youth, is a mystery: some say they were prisons, others that the Prato family gave asylum to exiles, unjustly condemned for reasons that had little to do with the law and much to do with politics

Others turn the clock forward a few years and say that it was in these now uninhabited tunnels that the partisans found refuge.
Today, they are a secret oasis of calm nestled deep in the heart of the Mombaruzzo hills. Tra piscine, bagni di vapore, sAmong pools, steam baths, relaxation rooms and treatments inspired by age-old wisdom, a new dimension of peace is just a whisper away.

The SPA path costs 65€ and includes: Swimming pool, Hot and cold pool, whirlpool, Turkish bath, sauna, Kneip path, emotional shower, essence pool.
The SPA, massages and treatments and grappherapy are available from Thursday to Monday, from 10.00 to 19.00, also for external guests.

Do not leave your super soft bathrobe even for lunch:

discover the gastronomic offer of Easy in the name of taste and lightness.


Wellness programme

Turkish Bath

Time and temperature have found a compromise: the movement of steam.


Unpleasant thoughts evaporate away through the skin. Ice freezes them far away.

Emotional Shower

Dew can be intense. It can be traced back to the comfort of the morning, in a patter that can only be felt by the skin. The emotion of water between nature and relaxation.

Kneip Course

Just one step from being tickled, one step after a smile.
The Kneipp course to Feel alive, to feel sensations deep down inside, is as simple as walking.

Hot and cold pool

Feeling good also means never succumbing to boredom: pleasure is made of contrasts.

Essence pool

We aren’t impervious to perfume. Try isolating one. Would you like it to smell of you?

Water pool

A fine line separates what we let people see from what we really feel. Below the surface of the water, we can fly.

Salt pool

There is a secret oasis of salt water hidden by steam. Finding it leads to the joy of rebirth.

Relaxation area

Giving your senses a break means opening the door to wonder.


From the wisdom of the Romans, who flanked places of thermal relaxation with places of physical exertion and intellectual growth, we have learned that regeneration also requires effort.


There was a time when mind and body were a whole, finding their balance in harmony.

That time exists again today, and the treatments offered by Villa Prato remind us, whenever the hustle and bustle of everyday life makes us forget.

Relaxing anti-stress massage

A gentle technique, the aim of which is to bring relief and encourage a self-rebalancing process in the body. This massage aims to relieve emotional stress accumulated in the tissues. It acts gently and effectively on the correlation between the physical condition and the psychological state. Conveying a feeling of general well-being.

50 min – € 85.00

Draining massage

An effective treatment for those who suffer from bloating, poor blood circulation or water retention, as it helps eliminate the accumulation of fluid, waste and excess toxins in the body.

50 min – € 85.00

Anticellulite massage

A vigorous massage that improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins and reduces excessive water retention in the areas where imperfections appear.

50 min – € 85.00

Specific massage

Partial massage, dedicated to a specific area of the body: back, legs, extremities.

25 min – €55.00

Aromatherapy massage

An expert combination of vegetable oils, pure and natural essential oils and aromatic essences for the health of body and mind.

50 min – € 85.00

Face, neck and décolletage massage

Relaxing, anti-wrinkle and firming massage that stimulates the production of elastin and collagen, leaving the skin smooth, radiant and toned.

50 min – € 85.00

Connective tissue massage

This is a technique that interacts with the deep layers of muscle tissue. This is where toxins accumulate as a result of the pressure and stress our bodies are subjected to constantly. The massage releases tension and relaxes muscle tissue, releasing toxins and improving the circulation of oxygen and blood in the system.

50 min – € 85.00

Bioenergetic massage

Bioenergetic massage is one of the most effective tools for rebalancing emotional, physical and mental states.
Bioenergetics is a technique that acts mainly at a physical level to bring about changes at other levels of our being: emotional and mental. It restores vitality, balances breathing, improves the lymphatic and circulatory systems and the nervous system. It also improves the quality of sleep.

50 min – € 85.00

Plantar reflexology

Plantar reflexology is a technique for restoring the body’s energy balance, using a special type of massage that stimulates and compresses specific reflex points on the feet, which are energetically related to the organs and apparatuses of the body. It can help prevent and correct any imbalances in the body.

50 min – € 85.00

Candle massage

This is an extremely relaxing massage using 100% natural cosmetic candles enhanced with wonderfully scented essences. The treatment is a real multi-sensory ritual. The candle is lit and, after a few minutes, the surface begins to melt and the masseur drips the wax onto the client’s body before beginning the massage. The oils and butters used during the massage do not burn the skin. They have a very low melting point of around 45°C. The precise movements of the massage, strengthened by the beneficial effect of heat, relax the muscles and release tightness and tension. The vegetable oils and butters that glide over the skin moisturise and nourish it, leaving it smoother and velvety.

50 min – € 85.00

Ritual Emotion

It is a true sensory journey consisting of four specific steps: scenting, exfoliation detoxification and hydration through the application of scrubs, mud and moisturizing oils. Pure well-being and relaxation, combats stress and promotes skin purification.

90 min – € 115.00

The grape is a fruit of many wonders; sweet when it appears on the table, rich in complex aromas when used to make wine, beautifully coloured when ripe, before harvesting. This wonder is ready to be enjoyed by those who understand it:

Our treatments, based on natural active ingredients and antioxidants, use the power of the polyphenols and flavonoids contained in the pomace, smoothing the skin and nourishing it deeply, promoting circulation and moisturizing the tissues.

All the products of the Villa Prato line contain extracts of pomace and grape seed oil: you just have to close your eyes and let yourself go to regeneration.

Antioxidant Body Scrub with Grapeseeds & Sugar

50 min – € 85,00

Mud Wrapping Vinaccia

50 min – € 85,00

Grape and Grapeseed Oil Massage

50 min – € 85,00

Vinaccia facial treatment

50 minutes – €85.00


In the Easy, a small dining room reserved for clients of the SPA, the softness of warm bathrobes combines with the lightness of a lunch suspended between a Jacuzzi and an emotional shower.

Hunger won’t interrupt a peaceful day, it will stimulate the senses before plunging back into a new warmth. Chef Andrea Cavallo’s cuisine takes on a light approach, offering fresh dishes, salads and aperitifs with a glass of bubbly. All this without even having to dry your hair.