Facial treatments

Anti-age Treatment

True elixir of youth, which promotes cell turnover, inhibiting premature skin aging and hyperpigmentation processes.

50 min - € 80,00

Sensitive skin treatment and / or impure

Sebonormalizing and purifying, it fights against furunculosis and acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

50 min - € 80,00

Body treatments

Dry body brushing

Through a specific brush made of natural fibers and wood, the lymphatic system is stimulated, improving blood circulation and eliminating any swelling. Counteracts cellulite, tones the skin, relaxes the muscles and gives a feeling of relaxation.

50 min - € 80,00

Elasticizing treatment

Indispensable for skins in need of nourishment and intense hydration, improves the elastic properties of the skin, preventing and counteracting the appearance of stretch marks.

50 min - € 80,00

Leg treatment

Performs a protective action of microvessels and capillaries, giving relief to swollen, tired and heavy legs. It is also useful in the treatment against cellulite.

50 min - € 80,00


Anti-stress relaxing massage

Delicate technique, whose purpose is to bring relief and stimulate a self-balancing process of the body. It is a massage aimed at relieving the emotional stress accumulated in the tissues. Acting in a sweet and effective way on correlation between physical attitude and psychic state, it gives a feeling of general well-being.

50 min - € 80,00

Draining massage

Valid treatment for those who suffer from swelling, poor blood circulation, water retention, since it helps to dispose of the accumulation of liquids, excess waste and toxins in the body.

50 min - € 80,00

Anticellulite massage

Vigorous massage to improve blood circulation, eliminating toxins and reducing the excessive amount of water retention in areas where blemishes appear.

50 min - € 80,00

Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage

Long and rhythmic movements, inspired by the cyclicity and grace of the waves, using prevalent hands and forearms, accompanied by particular oils and essences, and the background of local music and rhythms. It relaxes the muscles and loosens the joints, gives benefits to the respiratory and digestive systems, resulting together relaxing, invigorating and excellent for circulation. The main objective is to restore a balance between body and spirit, giving serenity and love.

50 min - € 80,00

Aromatherapy massage

Wise combination of vegetable oils, pure and natural essential oils, aromatic essences for the health of body and mind.

50 min - € 80,00

Massage face neck decollete

Massage with relaxing, anti-wrinkle and firming properties stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, leaves the skin smoother, brighter and more toned.

50 min - € 80,00

Specific massage

Partial massage, dedicated to a specific area of the body: back, legs, extremities.

25 min - € 50,00

Bambu massage

The technique uses the qualities of the bamboo cane to perform a deep massage. Decontracting on the muscles, works on the circulatory system both blood and lymphatic. Excellent as an anti-cellulite and firming treatment.

50 min - € 80,00

Connective massage

It is a technique that interacts with the deep layers of muscle tissue in which toxins are accumulated due to the pressure and stress to which our body is constantly subjected. The massage allows the release of tension and the relaxation of muscle tissues, leading to the release of toxins and a better circulation of oxygen and blood in the system.

50 min - € 80,00

Bioenergetic massage

Bioenergetic massage is one of the most effective tools for rebalancing emotional, physical and mental states. Bioenergetics is a technique that acts primarily on the physical plane, to go and realize changes on the other planes of being: the emotional and the mental. It brings back vitality, balances the breath, improves the state of the lymphatic and circulatory system and that of the nervous system. It also improves the quality of sleep.

50 min - € 80,00

Plantar reflexology

Foot reflexology is a technique by which the body's energy balance is restored, using a particular type of massage which, through the stimulation and compression of specific reflex points on the feet, energetically related to organs and systems, allows to exercise a preventive and intervention action on possible imbalances of the organism.

50 min - € 80,00

Candle massage

An extremely relaxing massage performed with cosmetic candles, 100% natural, embellished with wonderful perfumed essences. The treatment takes place as a real multi-sensory ritual. The candle lights up, after a few min the surface begins to melt and the masseur makes the wax flow on the body of the client and then start with the maneuvers. The oils and butters used during the massage do not burn the skin. They have a very low melting point, around 45 °. The precise movements of the massage, strengthened by the beneficial action of heat, relax the muscles and free them from contractures. Vegetable oils and butters that slide on the skin moisturize and nourish it, making it smoother and more velvety.

50 min - € 80,00

Grappa therapy

Facial treatment with grape marc

Thanks to the polyphenols present in the pomace with a strong antioxidant action, it performs an anti-inflammatory and free radical contrast action, slowing down the aging processes. A real vacation for the skin.

50 min - € 80.00

Anti-oxidant body peeling with grape pips and sugar

A gentle exfoliating and antioxidant treatment that promotes cell renewal and slows down the aging process.

50 min - € 80.00

Grape marc body mud

Wrap Total wrap that thanks to the presence of marc and algae, has an antioxidant, draining and slimming action.

50 min - € 80.00

Oil grape marc massage

Relaxing massage with grape seed oil deriving from the marc of Distillerie Berta.

50 min - € 80.00

Dead sea salts body treatments

Ritual emotion

It is a true sensory journey made up of four specific phases: fragrance, exfoliation, detoxification and hydration through the application of scrubs, mud and moisturizing oils. Pure wellness and relaxation, combats stress and promotes the purification of the skin.

90 min - € 110.00


It is a precious relaxing, aesthetic and curative massage, capable of giving a pleasant sensation of great well-being and lightness to the lower limbs and smoothness to all joints, alleviating painful tensions.

50 min - € 80.00

Reducing osmoslim treatment

It is an innovative treatment based on Dead Sea salts and water, designed to combat cellulite blemishes. Smoothes and reshapes the silhouette thanks to its strong draining action. Removes excess fluid formation.

50 min - € 80.00


Dead Sea hot salt bath at a temperature of 40 ° C. which stimulates the lipid metabolism, favors the drainage of liquids thanks to osmotic attraction. Relax and relax the body.

50 min - € 80.00

Artro-salt osmoslim treatment

It is an innovative treatment based on Dead Sea Salts and Water, whose special formulation is designed to attenuate the different forms of tension and is enriched with active ingredients, grapeseed oil, plant extracts and natural essential oils that allow through their hygroscopic and osmotic action to perceive an immediate relief in the interested areas.

50 min - € 80.00

Scrub massage

It is a massage made with Dead Sea salt and hot oil to give a pleasant sensation of relaxation and well-being as well as encouraging circulation stimulation. It has a draining and detoxifying effect.

50 min - € 80.00

Anti-cellulite treatment with dead sea mud

It is a treatment designed to counteract the imperfections of cellulite. Smoothes and reshapes the silhouette thanks to its strong draining and detoxifying action. It stimulates cellular oxygenation, reduces fluid retention, relieves pain and symptoms related to fibromyalgia and performs skin-purifying and re-mineralizing actions.

50 min - € 80.00

Treatment for onychomycosis

It is a treatment of care and prevention for nails infected with fungal infections and spots with use of salts and water from the Dead Sea.

75 min - € 80.00


Manicure - € 30.00
Manicure with nail polish - € 35.00
Manicure with semi-permanent nail polish - € 40.00
Manicure with removal and semi-permanent nail polish - € 45.00
Pedicure - € 30.00
Pedicure with nail polish - € 35.00
Pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish - € 40.00
Pedicure with removal and semi-permanent nail polish - € 45.00


Total leg hair removal - € 40.00
Partial leg hair removal - € 20.00
Waxing groin hair removal - € 10.00
Waxing armpit hair removal - € 10.00
Waxing hair removal arms - € 20.00
Waxing back hair removal - € 20.00
Waxing chest hair removal - € 20.00
Waxing upper lip - € 5.00
Eyebrows waxing- € 5.00