Facial treatments

Anti-age Treatment

True elixir of youth, which promotes skin cell regeneration,
inhibiting premature skin ageing and the process of hyper-pigmentation
50 minutes - € 80,00

Treatment for sensitive and/or impure skin

Sebum normalizing and purifying,
combats spots and acne, psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema
50 minutes - € 80,00

Eye treatment

Combats the signs of ageing, swelling and dark circles around the eyes
50 minutes - € 80,00

Body treatments

Salt and honey detoxifying body peeling

Exfoliating and skin-purifying treatment with salt which smoothes the skin,
encouraging cell renewal and leaving it soft and silky.
The honey also deeply nourishes the skin.
50 minutes - € 80,00

Antioxidant body peeling using grape marc and sugar

50 minutes - € 80,00

Elasticity treatment

Essential for skin in need of nourishment and intense hydration,
it improves the skin’s elastic properties, preventing and combating
the appearance of stretch marks.
50 minutes - € 80,00

Leg treatment

It protects micro-vessels and capillaries, giving relief to swollen,
tired and heavy legs. It is also useful in treating cellulite.
50 minutes - € 80,00


A hot bath of Dead Sea Salts, at a temperature of about 40°,
which stimulates the acceleration of lipid metabolism,
promotes the drainage of body fluids through osmotic attraction,
regulates skin hydration and soothes and relaxes your body.


Relaxing anti-stress massage

A delicate technique, to bring relief and stimulate the body’s own balancing process.
It is a face massage to relieve the emotional stress accumulated in the tissues.
Acting in a gentle and effective way on the harmony between
the physical and the psychological state, it gives a feeling of general well-being.
50 minutes - € 80,00

Draining massage

A valid treatment for those who suffer from swelling,
poor circulation, fluid retention, as it helps to get rid
of the accumulation of fluid, waste products and excess toxins in the body.
50 minutes - € 80,00

Anti-cellulite massage

A vigorous massage to improve blood circulation,
eliminating toxins and reducing the excessive amount
of water retention in the problem areas.
50 minutes - € 80,00

Lomilomi Hawaiian massage

Long and rhythmic movements, inspired by the cyclical nature
and the gracefulness of the waves, using mainly hands and forearms,
accompanied by special oils and essences, and background music with local rhythms.
It relaxes your muscles and loosens your joints, benefits the respiratory
and digestive system, is both relaxing and invigorating and excellent for the circulation.
The main objective is to restore a balance between body and spirit, donating serenity and love.
50 minutes - € 80,00

Aromatherapy massage

A clever combination of plant oils, pure and natural essential oils,
aromatic essences for the health of body and mind.
50 minutes - € 80,00

Facial, Neck and Neckline Massage

A massage with relaxing, anti-wrinkle and firming properties,
which stimulates the production of elastin and collagen,
leaving the skin smoother, radiant and toned.
50 minutes - € 80,00

Specific massage

A partial massage, dedicated to a particular area of the body:
back, legs, extremities.
25 minutes - € 50,00


Manicure - € 30,00

Manicure with nail polish - € 35,00

Manicure with semi-permanent nail polish - € 40,00

Manicure with the removal and semi-permanent applying of nail polish - € 45,00

Pedicure - € 30,00

Pedicure with nail polish - € 35,00

Pedicure with semi-permanent nail polish - € 40,00

Pedicure with the removal and semi-permanent applying of nail polish - € 45,00


Full-leg waxing - € 40,00

Partial-leg waxing - € 20,00

Bikini line - € 10,00

Underarms - € 10,00

Arms - € 20,00

Back - € 20,00

Chest - € 20,00

Upper lip - € 5,00

Eyebrows - € 5,00