The Spa

Daily life lost, nostalgia for a time when you could see the mirror of the mind in a healthy body. Nowadays you can find renewed beauty in the waters. And in time a new care for yourself.

Entrance fee: 50,00 euro.

Salus Per Aquam

Health, from the water.

Hot water cold water pool

To feel good doesn’t mean you have to give in to boredom: pleasure is made out of contrasts.

Essences pool

We are not impenetrable to perfume. Try to single one out. Would you like it to have your scent?

Water pool

There is a fine line between what we appear to be and what we really are. Under the waterline we can fly.


Turkish bath

Time and temperature have found a compromise: the movement of the steam. A dim light which is only from here that will remind you: “It’s still early.”


No bad thought is intrinsic enough to not be thrown out. The pleasure of freeing yourself from it knows no effort.


Ice Cave

The thrill is overwhelmed by the enchantment, by the magnificence of the waters. With only a touch you will understand how much heat your body is capable of. It’s not magic. It’s energy.

Kneipp course

One step away from a thrill, the following step a smile. To feel alive, in the depths of your soul, is as simple as walking.


Emotional shower

The drops of water can be intense. It can bring you back to the comfort of the morning, with a soft patter that can only be felt by your skin.