“A small boiler was working slowly and the vapour was patiently passing through the grape pomace skins to extract the alcohol.”

This is the innovative idea of the charming Relais Villa Prato. A trend that comes from the heart of distillation so much so that the grape and all of its extracts are transformed into beauty therapies and will have their debut as genuine cosmetic products in the historic residence of Mombaruzzo. The active ingredients used are exclusively natural and the antioxidant properties of the polyphenols and fIavonoids contained in the grape are enhanced for use in baths, mud baths, and massages and for creams and skin masks. Your skin can only gain in health and beauty, taking on a brighter and smoother look thanks to the recognized regenerative and moisturizing properties of grapes and grape-seed oil.
It is an innovative line in the beauty world: a project for a range of creams whose properties help to counteract

skin-cell ageing, purify the skin, tone up the peripheral microcirculation, moisturise and nourish the skin with proteins, lipids, vitamins and minerals. It is an ambitious project to link two separate worlds: the chance to capture and release the sensation of the vapour that comes out of the boiler, the essence that it gives off, which fills the air, your lungs, warms your heart, shows the colours, stirs up feelings, evokes memories. You become aware of creating and connecting that intense perfume, that sinuous fragrance, used in the beauty centre of Villa Prato, to a drop of perfume, like a tear, like a memory. From immortal elegance, from the luxury that fights vulgarity, from the fragility of the emotion which overcomes the force of reason.