“Our knowledge comes from Ancient Egypt, when science and the sacred were still one. From Paracelsus we learnt how to separate and reunite the soul of the plants and from Fibonacci how to decipher the secret rhythm of nature. The formulas of the medical papyri, the ancestral art of herbalist cures, the happy alliance between plants and humans – we process them today, like technology: to prepare nutricosmetics, dermoactives and food supplements for health and beauty, which act both on the outside and on the inside. And they repair the link between the body and the soul. We are both antique and futuristic.”

This is the spirit that the Berta family has fallen in love with and which they represent by including this line of cosmetics in their Wellness Centre.
Alchemy uses an alchemical and spagyric method: a long and laborious process, strictly written in code from time immemorial, carried out entirely by hand, which preserves intact the power of the active ingredients. Only wild plants are used, which conserve more present the archetypes of the species. They are picked choosing the perfect moment depending on the cycle of lunar months, immediately put into production, while they are still fresh, to preserve unaltered what the Egyptians called neter: the basic electromagnetic properties. They are then immersed in infusion in glass vials, exposed to sunlight. The extracts are heated and pressed in order to obtain the lipophilic salts. This is what is called their gold: the essential element of the

Alchemic preparations. So concentrated and pure as to be effective even in small quantities.
Alchemy collects treatments from deep forces, similar to the human body and easily assimilated, which nourish and regenerate body and emotions, and restore equilibrium. The creams and the serum from the line of nutricosmetics of Alkemy ES, which combine the Klamath algae and oleolites in a unique and innovative way, represent the natural, effective and non-invasive alternative to traditional cosmetics. The formulas of the dermoactive line of Alkemy EQ, with an equally high content of Klamath and oleolites, contribute to the improvement of specific problems of the skin, circulation, and joints. All of the formulas are without pigments, parabens, paraffin, petrolatum, silicones and use hypoallergenic fragrances.