The Rooms of the Villa

Sleep in History, wake up in Wonder

From 1222 the Prato family lived in the village of Mombaruzzo and, for over 700 years, this historic residence was the home of the family until its last heir. The ambitious renovation project carried out by our family since 2007 has always had the aim of preserving the charm and beauty of a piece of Monferrato history.

Today, as you walk around the Villa during a quiet, relaxing weekend, everything seems to have been created with the sole purpose of immersing guests in the Monferrato air, in absolute sweetness and comfort. But this isn’t the case: each Suite was once the room of one of the members of the Prato family. To sleep within these walls is to listen to the silent music of history.

The Official Study of Antonio

Forefather of the Prato family

In my study I was first lawyer, then judge.From inheritances to arguments between neighbours, so many faces, so many stories have passed through this room; tears and laughter, anger and wonder. And here I spent my nights, searching for the perfect solution, the loophole that would solve the case, illuminated by two flames: a candle and passion.

Room: 29m²
Bathroom: 19m²

Valerio’s bedroom

He gave up something, for the good of all

Fellow citizens, landlords and vintners,
I see you, pale-faced, counting how much tax you have to pay this year.
Most of all, you hate the “Dacites”, those particular taxes collected by a fellow citizen,
one of you, rich enough to buy the right to exploit you.
In this room, I dreamed up the solution:
I would buy the “Dacites” and give them to the whole community.
A gift? Much more: a revolution.

Room: 30m²
Bathroom: 9m²

The guesthouse of Stefano Alessandro

The professor who said no to Napoleon

I was born in this villa,
My adult life took me to Turin.
A chair in Law at the University, but under Napoleon.
Chains, gilded, but still chains.
One day, the call came to go to Paris, to compile the French Code.
I said no; I never taught again until the fall of Bonaparte.
I never ever regretted it: at last, I was free.

Room: 32m²
Bathroom: 6m²

The private room of Donna Adele

Baroness by origin, grandma by vocation

The Villa’s kitchens were full of every possible delicacy,
but what about the pantries of my fellow citizens?
Poor, almost empty, and yet there was no room for sweets, cakes, candies.
I took them to the children of Mombaruzzo,
all of them, in their own way, my grandchildren.
And when someone came out of school at lunchtime with nothing to eat,
I made sure it wasn’t a problem, with eggs, bread and plenty of cheese.

Living: 24m²
Room: 30m²
Bathroom with anteroom: 13m²

Carlo Vittorio's childhood bedroom

Every adult was once a child

Carlo Vittorio throws another party!
In Carlo Vittorio’s Villa they drink Champagne and Burgundy!
Carlo Vittorio doesn’t pay his debts!
Carlo Vittorio goes to trial!
Was I really a dishonest swindler, as my fellow citizens say?
Or are free spirits poorly at ease with the demands of the self-righteous?
Whether the truth be one, the other or neither,
you, who are staying in this room, remember me like this:
like a child, in love with the grain of wood and the flight of swallows.

Room: 31m²
Bathroom: 7m²

Giovanni Battista’s study

A young lawyer, Secretary of State, much loved Mayor

From this window I saw Napoleon’s troops entering Mombaruzzo to suppress the insurrectionists;
that was when I decided I would make the world a better place.
While my peers were playing, I studied Italian, Latin and Greek.
Lots of languages, one love: the law.
I was Secretary of State to the Royal House of Savoy,
and for Mombaruzzo, when I had grown old but not yet tired, I was administrator and mayor.
I made the world a better place, until the day I died.

Living: 24m²
Room: 16m²
Bathroom: 7m²