There was a family named Prato who, since 1222, lived in the small village of Mombaruzzo, in upper Monferrato. The Prato family were known for the many traders, lawyers and notaries who proudly held up their name.  And that same name also gave the stamp to the Villa, overlooking the Church of Sant’Antonio Abate, in the heart of the village.With elegance, Villa Prato knew how to adapt itself to historical periods, and many were the alterations made, the influences, the people who walked through its rooms giving rise to new forms  and new walls. In this way came about the structure of Villa Prato as we know it today, even the last restorations in the 1700s have survived.In 1933, after  accompanying the story of the Prato family  for  seven

centuries, the last descendant of the family died there. Some time later, a Swiss couple decided to buy it.  Certainly, the potential that the Villa offered did not escape them and so, for the first time, it was transformed into a “Holiday Home.”  The Berta family bought it in 2007, falling in love with its enchanting rooms, its marvellous views, the frescoes that decorated the rooms and its history, all to be discovered.  And in fact, it was the discovery of the small niches that spread underground which convinced the new owners to extend the ambitious renovation project that lasted nine years.  Today, Villa Prato has finally returned in all its glory and it opens to you, showing off its old world charm and renewed beauty.