The destiny of this little corner of the past was shaken by an earthquake in 2001.

The building was badly damaged and the chatter that buzzed in the shop risked falling silent.

But hill people are strong, they never give up and they never give in. The solid old house behind Villa Prato, which survived the tremors, became the new Tabaccaia.

And so, we come to the present. The emporium has moved to the bottom of the slope, at the entrance to the village square, where it continues to sell sweets and newspapers and to hand out snippets of Piedmontese wisdom to those who walk through the door; but the name Tabaccaia still sticks to the house next to Villa Prato, even now that it is a depandance.

Two large suites with separate entrances are located on the first and second floors, while on the ground floor a luxurious living room leads to a wine cellar and two grottoes dug out of the rock: a timeless space for the most valuable wines and guests.


Roccanivo is the beginning, up there, on top of that hill where the stars seem so close.
Roccanivo is Barbera and, as such, it never gives up, remaining firmly attached to its roots.
Roccanivo is warmth, it is home, a story: our story.

Entrance: 2,5m²
Room: 29m²
Bathroom: 6m²

2 small terraces

Bric del Gaian

Our sweetest memory is the vineyard that belonged to Signor Galliano,
who dressed and adorned that gently rolling hill with the wine he liked best:

Entrance: 2,5m²
Room: 25m²
Bathroom: 6m²