“Cooking is a matter of trust.
The ingredients are a secret.”
(Chef Andrea Cavallo)


“Cooking is a matter of trust. The ingredients are a secret.”
(Chef Andrea Cavallo)

Andrea Cavallo is head chef at Villa Prato and his first memory is of his grandmother preparing steaks “in carpione”.

It was in her kitchen, as he stood on tiptoe learning to help her, that he decided he wanted to be a chef when he grew up.

Today, that little boy who breaded steaks under the watchful gaze of his grandmother Egle has grown up,

always influenced strongly by the heritage of his Piedmont: the Piedmont of the land, of ingredients, of harvesting cycles.

At Villa Prato the past is the springboard that combines tradition with haute cuisine.

Traditional dishes speak to us, and Andrea knows how to listen to them, without sacrificing a personal note. The result is a solid, sincere and genuine alchemy, like the greatest love stories.


Ingredients are the voice of the earth: to tell its story, you have to choose the right ones.

Only the most fragrant, tasty, fresh ingredients enter the kitchen at Villa Prato. The rest of the dish is created by a respectful hand, attentive to detail, ready to enhance flavours and textures.

The Officina

In the days when the Prato family lived in the Villa, the first floor was reserved for the most important events:

guests of honour would find all sorts of dishes, elaborate specialities from all over Italy, French wines, constant surprises. Today, under the same frescoed ceilings, in the Officina of Villa Prato, food and wine play with scents and textures. From the hills of Mombaruzzo to the sea of Mazara del Vallo, from raw to cooked, from hot to cold, every dish travels along the very fine line of balance.

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The Tavern

The Prato family were famous for their passion for wine.

It was said that all the wines of Europe could be found in their large cellar, where the Prato family liked to have their guests taste them, surrounded by bottles of every kind. Even today, the tables of the Taverna of Villa Prato are surrounded by bottles: its cuisine offers a taste of Piedmontese tradition, simple recipes executed to perfection, to be eaten slowly, enjoying the rustic elegance of the exposed bricks.

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The cellars

A treasure rests in the caskets of the three cellars of Villa Prato.

More than 1,000 wines from Spain, Argentina, France, Austria and Germany. But the heart of the selection is in Italy: we carefully select the producers from whom we obtain our supplies and browse each row of vines, inch by inch, in search of emotions. The cellars preserve and maintain the bottles to perfection, tangible reminders of extraordinary moments.

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