Dependance La Tabaccaia

Every house has a story to tell, filled with memories and emotions.

“La Tabaccaia” is a little piece of the history of the village of Mombaruzzo, revealing the past of people who are strong, people who never give up. Every little village has a shop which sells a whole range of things that the villagers need, making it a reference point for the community. The tobacconists-cum-general store of Mombaruzzo was one of the many of the local buildings damaged by the earthquake that hit the Asti region in 2001. The shop was inaccessible and no other commercial spaces were available for it to move into. The most obvious solution was to throw in the towel and close for good, leaving the village without this essential service. But brave people don’t give up and don’t give in. So, the shop moved into a sturdy old house next to Villa Prato which had withstood the tremors and was able to offer the village store a safe new home.

“La Tabaccaia” was born and even now that the store has moved back into the Piazza, near all the other commercial businesses, everyone still calls the house “La Tabaccaia”. And that’s the way it’s going to stay. This strong and welcoming house has now become the Annex of Villa Prato, brought back to its original splendour by meticulous restoration work. Two fabulous Suites, each with their own entrance, are located on the first and second floors, while the ground floor is occupied by a comfortable lounge leading into a cellar and two grottoes dug into the rock; a unique jewel to house the most valuable wines.

Frescoed ceilings, elegant furnishings and the charm of beautiful, timeless things set the scene for the most relaxing stay in this exclusive structure.