Il Borgo

The timeless elegance of the most authentic Piedmont

Looking out over the terraces of Il Borgo, the people of Mombaruzzo would observe Villa Prato. They would admire its splendour, watching as the children grew into teenagers and then adults, ready to make their mark on the history of their village.
Decades went by and today Il Borgo no longer just dreams about Villa Prato; it is part of that dream.

Six suites, two on several floors and with independent access, all in perfect Villa Prato style.

Lots of terraces to enjoy a drink while contemplating the slow pace of a village nestling in the hills. Il Borgo is more than just an annexe, much more.

Tre Soli Tre

Unity and Duality.
One, like the surface.
Where Sky, Earth and Man come together.
Three, like the three great Nebbiolo production zones, caressed by a single sun.

Living: 23m²
Room: 13m²
Bathroom: 4m²


Rondinella: a little black V in the sky, a swallow hungry for travel and lands to discover,
seeking warmth and excitement to unleash life.
Rondinella: a blue-black grape, fertile, generous like the Valpolicella of Amarone.
Rondinella: when it arrives in flocks, it brings Spring to everyone.

Entrance living: 20m²
Living: 7,5m²
Room: 13m²
Bathroom: 13m²


In the eternal flow of time,
In the ancient myth that merges with the present and reinvents the future,
In coincidences, in casual encounters, in life-changing exchanges of glances
Magic lives among men.

Room: 28m²
Bathroom: 9m²

Paolo Berta

The precious legacy of a man with a dream,
a job to match his passion.
An ambitious challenge, that of quality: constant work, a permanent thought,
a lesson that will endure in time.

Room: 25m²
Bathroom: 9m²
Small terrace


SoloPerGian we raise our glasses in a toast.
SoloPerGian we tell the story of a good man with a gentle soul.
SoloPerGian we pass on the legacy of a man who did so much for his hometown by doing something ourselves: we help young people turn their passion into a profession, we create opportunities to replace a job that has been lost or to find one for the first time.

Room: 28m²
Small depandance: 10m²
Bathroom: 9m²


What is Casalotto?
a tiny corner of Italy, a hamlet of the village of Mombaruzzo, a sort of middle earth: part of the village, but detached, coming close enough to touch it without ever really breathing in the same air.
Casalotto is little more than a dream: our family made that dream its home.

Room: 25m²
Bathroom: 9m²