Villa Prato, an experience to live.

Villa Prato is the story of two families, the Prato family and the Berta family. Our story.


The first was a family of notaries, lawyers and traders, who lived in Mombaruzzo, the heart of Monferrato, from 1222, never moving away from that plot of land that looks directly at the church of Sant’Antonio Abate.

It was there that they built Villa Prato. Over the years they made it more and more beautiful, enriching it with frescoes and fabrics, adding the octagonal tower that still rises above it, bringing it to life with their stories and passions.

The lives of the Prato family became intertwined with those of the community of Mombaruzzo and with history, for seven hundred years, until 1933, when the last descendant of the family died. Several decades later, the Villa, now named after those who had created and developed it over the centuries, was sold to a Swiss couple.

And so began its second, short life: the Villa was converted into a holiday home, but after a few years it was put up for sale again.

In 2007, when we saw Villa Prato for the first time, we had no doubts: its antique charm won us over immediately.

At the time, we were a family of distillers in love with the Monferrato area and our dream was that everyone around the world would feel the same love for our land as we did.

Villa Prato, with its panoramic terraces, from which you can see the Alps on sunny days, immediately seemed to be the place that would make our dream come true.

In 2016, almost ten years after we fell in love with it at first sight, we opened Villa Prato.

The fourteen suites, the eight hundred metres of SPA and the two restaurants have finally found their vocation: to fulfil the dreams of those who experience them.

Villa Prato has so many different ways to make you fall in love, just the way we did.

Enjoy drinks on the terraces in the summer sun, relax in the Jacuzzi as you watch the snow fall on the hills, discover your new favourite dish, spend a romantic weekend with someone special.