“A family,a territory,since 1947”

We repeat these words very often when we talk about ourselves, because this is what we are: a family of distillers that has loved and lived its territory for generations and generations. Nothing more, nothing less.

From our ancestors, counts of Roccanivo and winemakers in the tiny hamlet of Casalotto, we learned the patience of working in communion with nature.

From Paolo, founder of the company, who had the first, brilliant idea of producing a grappa that was not a second-class beverage but a distillate that could be drunk on the most special occasions, we inherited the strength to make a different decision from everyone else, even when it seems crazy.

From Gianfranco, father, brother, husband and partner, we learned responsibility and commitment, not only for ourselves and our families, but for our land and all those who live on it.

This is why we are here now,


to continue the work that our loved ones began and continued, to leave those who come after us not only a great grappa, but other great lessons to be put to good use, just as every good parent does with their children.

We dream of creating a better world than the one we found, a world in which beauty and goodness are not an exception, but a daily reality: for this reason, in addition to the Distillerie, over the years we have taken over a historic brand of Amaretti, Moriondo, a real piece of history that was in danger of disappearing; we purchased Monteu Roero Castle, formerly used as a private home, and opened its doors to an affectionate public.

we inaugurated Borgo Roccanivo, breathing new life into the forgotten market square of Casalotto; we opened another hotel, Villa Castelletto, to give even more people the chance to fall in love with Piedmont. The latest challenge? We are currently renovating Castelletto dell’Annunziata, which has been overlooking the neighbouring town of Nizza Monferrato for decades.

The work of those who came before us is the foundation on which we build the present, which is why we created the SoloperGian Foundation, committed to retraining projects for both the young and not-so-young. This is our way of continuing along the path mapped out by a good man with a special soul. A way to make life flourish, beyond space and time.